Dr. Nivea Lisandra Torres

Dynamic, visionary, change agent and children's advocate.
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Gail Coppage

President at The Coppage Company, Inc.

Dr. Torres is an amazing leader, an inspiration to students, faculty, staff and external partnerships.

Elsa Nunez

President at Eastern Connecticut State University

Dr. Torres is a veteran educator who has demonstrated strong leadership skills during her career.

I was fortunate to get to know Dr. Torres early on in my tenure as the President of Eastern Connecticut State University. When I arrived at Eastern in 2006, Dr. Torres was the Coordinator of Bilingual Education in Windham (CT) Public Schools. In this position, Dr. Torres led curriculum development, professional development programs for faculty and staff, program testing and monitoring; and more. During this time, Eastern Connecticut State University was funded by the U.S. Department of Education to conduct a preschool literacy program in local schools, and we worked closely with Dr. Torres and her team during this three-year, $3.9 million grant.

From Windham Public Schools, Dr. Torres moved on to become the principal at an elementary school in Windham Center, Connecticut, where she continued to demonstrate leadership in working with faculty, staff, parents and students to improve student performance while maintaining an active connection between the school and the community it served.

From 2010 to this past May, Dr. Nivea L. Torres took her talents and experiences to Hartford, Connecticut, where she was Assistant Superintendent and then Superintendent of the Connecticut Technical High School System. During this time, she provided leadership in a variety of areas, including curriculum development; program evaluation; faculty/staff professional development; budget oversight; and more. I was especially impressed with Dr. Torres’ approach to empowering principals and other leaders within the Technical High School System’s 20 facilities.

During the time I have known Dr. Nivea Lisandra Torres, she has gained my respect for her dedication to students; her ability to work with faculty, staff, parents and students; her commitment to educational standards; and her willingness to try innovative approaches. She has served our local community and the State of Connecticut with distinction, and I endorse her candidacy for whatever educational leadership role she pursues. 

Estela Lopez

Retired from CT State Colleges & Universities

Dr. Torres is a strategic leader with the skill set to transform and improve schools into high performance entities. Her approach includes board involvement and transparency as well as different constituents buy in.

Nivea Torres is a persuasive leader with experience who motivates all to pursue the highest level of student success. Her commitment to her work is a commitment to all students. I have known Dr. Torres for a number of years, witnessed her strategic direction for the CT Technical High Schools, and the significant changes accomplished.

Xaé Alicia Reyes

Emeritus Professor of Education and Latino Studies - Empowering communities through transformative education

Dr. Torres is a dedicated professional and scholar who has been a leader and role model to k-12 student and teachers in urban districts with numerous challenges. Her focus on creating opportunities and a sense of belonging for ALL students and staff are fully integrated to her pursuit of excellence and quality in educational programming, curricular design, and staff development.


Dr. Nivea L. Torres prioritizes outreach and access as important aspects for increasing engagement and communication with families and the broader community. Her ability to relate to all stakeholders and her empathetic leadership style are impressive.

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  • Nivea L. Torres on Twitter
  • Dr. Nivea Lisandra Torres on Faceboo
  • Nivea Torres on Instagram
  • Dr. Nivea L. Torres on LinkedIn
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